I feel very lucky to have found a place,

Where I know I will be welcomed by a smile on each face.

Our team greet each other, then get on with chores,

The sign says we’re open, “Who’ll be first through the doors?”

“How can we help you?” is what we will ask,

And then settle down to the appropriate task.

Some just want bread, or maybe a map,

While others seek help with a quiet, private chat.

As each visitor leaves, we hope with a smile,

It’s often because of that “extra mile.”

So as we listen and learn, let’s give a cheer,

To our dedicated staff and each volunteer.

I give such a little and yet it would seem,

That I truly am blessed to be part of this team.

So yes, I feel lucky, grateful and blessed,

To spend part of my week with some of the best!!

By Kath Dobson – Volunteer at Mornington Community Information and Support Centre – Published with permission of the author