At the 2016 Bureau of Statistics Census there were 25,000 volunteers on the Mornington Peninsula – and growing.

People actively volunteer in many informal ways such as ‘helping out’ or ‘taking part’ in their community. Formal volunteering is essentially about giving your time, skills and experience to a service provided by a not-for-profit organisation on an agreed basis. We have over 25,000 volunteers offering their time and energy in these ways.

There are many ways people can volunteer in their local community including:

Organising the activities of clubs and interests groups
Supporting social and environmental causes
Helping neighbours, parishes and schools
Delivering meals to others
Working on Committees of Management or Advisory Groups
Hosting community meals and festivities
Helping provide services for people experiencing disadvantage

Volunteering can benefit the individual in many ways, including:

Using existing skills and being part of a team
Developing or practicing new skills
Access to training, including nationally recognised certificates
Meeting new people, making new friends and a new social network
A route to employment – gaining workplace skills and experience
Recognition for doing valuable work in the local community
Improving overall health, wellbeing and happiness