Celebrating National Volunteer Week

Tomorrow marks the start of National Volunteer Week, a special event that provides an opportunity to highlight the important role of volunteers in our community.

On the Mornington Peninsula, there are more than 1000 organisations that rely on volunteers with over 14% of our population are engaged in volunteering. National Volunteer Week 2024 theme is ‘Something for everyone’. Here on the Mornington Peninsula those words ring true, as we have over 20,000 volunteers contributing in a variety of sectors. From hospitals to nature reserves, repair cafes to markets, crisis food relief and Meals on Wheels, volunteers help the wheels go round on the Peninsula and for that we are incredibly grateful.

In the world of volunteering, there is a place for everyone, regardless of age or abilities. Whether you’re drawn to environmental causes, community outreach, education, or beyond, there’s a place where your unique skills and interests can flourish.

If you are yet to take the first step into volunteering, take this opportunity to explore your options. Volunteering can benefit you in ways you might not know – it’s a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people, make a difference and feel connected to your community. Volunteering is an act of selflessness and compassion that has the power to transform lives, both for those who give their time and for those who receive the support.

To the many who give their time and skills to improve the Mornington Peninsula, thank you! You make this place a better place to live.

To find out more about events happening this Volunteer Week, check out Volunteering Victoria and Volunteering Australia!