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Greyhound Foster Carer

Change a Greyhound’s Life Today!

Are you ready to make a profound difference in the life of a retired racing greyhound? Racing 2 Rehome is seeking dedicated and compassionate individuals to join our team of Greyhound Foster Carers. By opening your heart and home to these amazing dogs, you can be part of their transformation from racing champions to beloved pets.

What You’ll Do:

As a Greyhound Foster Carer, your role is to provide love, patience, and a nurturing environment for a retired racing greyhound as they transition to life as a cherished pet. Racing 2 Rehome covers all essential expenses, including food, vet bills, and supplies like collars, leashes, coats, beds, harnesses, and dog bowls. You won’t be alone in this journey – we assign a ‘buddy’ for support, have volunteers ready to provide training advice, and offer access to a closed Facebook group for sharing experiences and seeking guidance.


Ex-acing greyhounds are typically well-mannered and adaptable, having received training from their racing careers. Your primary task as a foster carer is to help them adjust to home life and suburban sights.

We Always Need Foster Homes:

Racing 2 Rehome takes in racing greyhounds, provides necessary medical care, and places them directly into foster homes. The number of greyhounds we can save depends on dedicated volunteer foster carers like you.

Ready to Make a Difference?

If you’re passionate about helping retired racing greyhounds find their forever homes and want to become a Greyhound Foster Carer, we encourage you to complete our online ‘Expression of Interest’ form today.

Join us in changing lives, one greyhound at a time!

to apply or for futher information:

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